All systems go as former critic Aduda files papers

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Presidential candidate Lodvick Aduda has dismissed those critics of his move to file his nomination papers.
Aduda is one of the four presidential candidates who filed their nomination papers before the close of Monday’s deadline.

The former FKF Secretary General has also confirmed that he will withdraw from a joint case filed that has been filed to contest the process.
“I hear some people are claiming that I have been bought.

That is laughable because when we were working together with them they did not see anything wrong with me.
“The fact is Iam determined to go all the way and this time I will not be pushing anyone, if I win very well, if I lose, I’ll live with it.

“We cannot continue the grandstanding yet our clubs are supposed to get back to the field and play.
“Furthermore, the rule that was locking out others has been lifted and if anyone is really serious about contesting there is nothing stopping them,” he said.

He added;” i will withdraw from the case at the SDT and maybe just be enjoined as an observer as may status has changed. That is the the reasonable thing to do now.”Former AFC Leopards chairman Dan Mulee also hit our at some candidates who have threatened not to take part in the exercise claiming it is biased.

“The biggest hurdle has been removed and anyone who is serious should take part.

We cannot have people complaining about everything and anything.
“If someone cannot get a clearance from the bank or the police then they should just say instead of bringing up none issues.”

All systems go as former critic Aduda files papers

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