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  Real Madrid players Gareth Bale and Macello celebrate a goal against Eibar/Evening Standard  
  FIFA President Gianni Infantino  
  Pro-Golfer Dismas Indiza  
  Vivian Cheruiyot in Berlin  
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The Sports Monthly Magazine was launched by world-renowned athletes Paul Tergat and Aasif Karim in the year 2000. Having successfully stabilized its print, it now channels its resources for an online presence. Its aim is to reach out to potential and existing readers through convenient means.

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CS Eliud Owalo and the big future plan for Gor Mahia

In the annals of Kenyan football, few stories are as compelling as the resurgence of Gor Mahia, a club with a storied past and a legion of passionate fans.    At the heart of this revival is a figure not traditionally associated with the sport's front lines but whose impact has been nothing short of transformative: Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo.   Owalo, known for his astute organizational skills and pro...

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