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How Much Does Sitting Negate Your Workout Benefits?

 Each hour of sitting erases 8% from the health benefit of an hour of running.  Runners have always known that more is better (within reason). If you run a few more miles per week, yo...

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The 15 foods runners need every week for good health and top performance

Most supermarkets stock more than 30,000 items, yet every time we race up and down the aisles of the grocery store, we toss into our carts the same 10 to 15 foods. Which isn't such...

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The Importance of Choosing The Right Sports Shoe

Imagine yourself wearing normal running footwear for actively playing tennis or perhaps playing basketball with a borrowed pair that will not fit you nicely. Exactly what do you imagine are the out...

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1994 Associate Trophy my most memorable tournament

The 1994 Associate Trophy held in Kenya was one of the best tournaments I participated or played in. Twenty countries participated in this important tournament which was held in Nairobi in the...

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Kenyan cricket dead!

As Kenyan cricket is dead and buried, world cricket has moved on. The Associate countries have all improved and grown their cricket over the years. In the late 90’s Kenya and Bangladesh ...

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Qualifiers for World Cup 2015

The last blow to Kenyan cricket came in New Zealand at the ICC Trophy qualifying round for 2015 World Cup to be held in Australia/New Zealand. As expected, Kenya finished 5th in the tournament...

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50 years of Kenya cricket

As Kenya celebrates 50 years of independence and a time of reflection of the last 50 years in all spheres of life, Cricket is no exception. Kenyan cricket has had a record of envy since the co...

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The Karims- A sporting Dynasty

The publishers of Sports Monthly magazine, Alpha Sports Limited (part of Safinaz Group of Companies) produced a documentary entitled “The Karims – A Sporting Dynasty” that wa...

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New government’s importance to sports

With His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta being elected as the 4th President of Kenya after a historic and peaceful general election of the country, there is huge expectation all around. Sports i...

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New leadership- C K meaningless cricket year 2012

  In December 2012, as another meaningless cricket year in Kenya finally had a change in leadership. Jacky Jan Mohamed (Zahra) became the first lady in history to be the chairlady...

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